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Julie Woodcock

Julie has been a member of various choirs since the age of seven, and started her percussion education when she was accepted into a music scholarship program at Perth Modern School, where Julie was involved in many ensembles. Julie learnt drumming to further her percussion skills, but her drumming has advanced to encompass many styles that more experienced drummers find difficult to achieve. By being a member of Smooth, Julie has gained much practical and professional experience about the live music industry.

Ken Pike

Ken started playing the Alto Saxophone in 2000, and has developed his skills to a high degree. He joined the Armadale City Concert Band in 2004, playing in a number of their concerts over the 2004 season. Ken joined Smooth in late 2004 to gain further experience and enjoyment of music, and helps fill out the horn sound with his unique playing technique.

Peter Massey

Peter has never been without some sort of musical influence in his life; his musical tastes are many and varied. He has played in many of Western Australia's most popular bands, including a stint in the Newman Showband, and the Australian Big Band. Peter has performed in Jazz and rock bands throughout his career, and is currently with the Armadale City Concert Band as well as Smooth. With his bass, "Big Bertha", Peter is a popular performer with many fans.

Melissa Allen

Melissa is our newest member, and one of our most lively! She can be seen behind her keyboard rocking away to our Smooth tunes, and provides a solid rhythmic backing to our repertoire.